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Levant Technologies knows your website is the front door of your business. That's why we've cultivated years of experience working with several industries building websites to give organizations a singular online voice. We set ourselves apart by exclusively offering custom design services without any cookie-cutter templates. 

  • Other web design companies try to mislead you with fine print restrictions that limit you to "two rounds of revision" or "up to 16 hours" of design time before inundating you with overage charges. Our brand promise is unlimited custom design time!
  • Levant charges absolutely zero design overage charges, allowing you to get the look you want at a price you can afford. 
  • The Levant Technologies custom design promise means 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed with no limit on site revisions until your team is happy with the look and feel of your new website. 
Unsure about exactly what you need in a website? That's no problem! Our free, one-hour consultation can help you learn about significant trends in your industry and ranking well on Google and other search engines. Levant wants to help reach your desired audience with an individualized design fit with a custom-tailored message. We will focus on learning your organization's history, and your online objectives to help you succeed online.

During this meeting, your Project Manager will ask you questions like:
  • Which SEO keywords would you like to rank highly within a Google search? 
  • What are the best calls-to-action to suit your website's visitors?
  • Is there any process your organization can streamline by moving it online?

Your Project Manager will provide a project estimate and timeline after your consultation. There is no obligation and we aren't your stereotypical pushy salespeople. We don't pay our employees based on commission and we're dedicated to helping you craft a personalized site without breaking the bank.

For a free, one-hour consultation, call 405-501-3750 today!